Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bad Effects Too Many SMS

Obsessed with SMS or short message service? For smart phone users via SMS messaging activities must often be done. But you need to know, there are adverseeffects that you can experience if too often do these activities.

Cause not only a swell toll bill, send messages via text or sms messages are also at risk of causing neck pain.

As quoted by page Times of India, the disease is called health agrees with the name'texter's neck'. This could be a new suffering is experienced more gadget addicts often spend too much time hunched over their phones and computers.

Dr. Kishore Punjabi, chiropractic therapist, says, "The pain arising from the neckdownwards often focus too intense," he said.

He explained during continuous delivery of SMS, neck and head leaning forward, whichcauses the reversal of the curve of the neck. "Because of this, the blood circulation is reduced when this occurs and can lead to tennis elbow," he said.

Texting syndrome are increasing in large cities. "I'm getting there 30-40 who suffer fromthis case. Most of them are executives and children," added Dr. Punjabi.

While this may endanger the health of the neck, Punjabi can not ensure the prohibition toperform activities via SMS messaging. "I can not prohibit, SMS can not be avoided," he said. (sj)

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